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Meet the
Heart of MIMO

From our area of expertise: communication and psychomotricity, we want to help you live your life in a functional, satisfactory way. Get to know a little more about the MIMO team.


Diana Laura

I am Diana Laura and I have a Bachelor’s degree of Human
Communication Therapy at the National Institute of Rehabilitation.


I have worked and learned a lot in other hospitals such as the Juan N. Navarro Children's Psychiatric Hospital and the Manuel Gea González’ General Hospital.

I love multitasking in different areas of my career, so I also have worked in a bilingual inclusion school where I learned everything related to curricular adaptations for children with disabilities.

It is very important for me to stay updated for my patients. I have taken courses about swallowing and dysphagia, aphasia rehabilitation, Mexican Sign Language (LSM), Autism, adaptations within the classroom, among others (always looking to keep learning).

It will be a pleasure to guide you and with with you in your therapeutic process!


I am Vianey! I started my career in the educational area a few years ago. I am a graduate of the Normal School of Physical Education.

Thanks to this, I began to collaborate in the field of disability care. I love to study and update myself on issues related to my intervention, and I think I will never stop doing it, which is why I took a three-year master's degree in Psychomotricity. This welcomed me to the clinical and health area.

So far, I have done many courses and workshops to keep up to date on the topics of greatest need for my patients. Today I am one step away from finishing my third career, Psychology, which, like all the above, has given me many more certainties and tools in my work.

My commitment to my patients and their families is indescribable. I love walking next to them in their processes!

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